Custom SLASH Red Jersey

This jersey is now part of our CUSTOM GARAGE Range... CUSTOMISED OPTIONS AVAILABLE.
Customise this item with your name, number, team name or even sponsor logos.
Unlike our competitors, we do not charge extra to add your name, your number or even your team name.
We can even add logos to the jersey but for this service we do charge a little extra.
Please note that custom items can take around 3-4 weeks to make.
This product is no longer available off the shelf.
Discount codes can not be used with this item.
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Sales price $ 70.00


The Jersey is part of our AIRX Range. Purpose designed, tested and built for the all day rider comfort.

Our AIRX has been engineered to be light with a comfort fit.

160 gram high tech moisture removal sports fabric.

Our custom built DualTech Fabric design which we use on all jerseys is ideal for extreme sports and adrenaline junkies needing superior fit, comfort and durability.

Absolutely perfect for hot weather or for riders that wear protective gear underneath and do not need another dense layer of fabric.

The introduction of the AIRX side panel enables the rider to stay cool with our climate control fabric.

As the air passes in through the front panel reducing drag, it is quickly dispersed out the sides of the garment further preventing drag, wind resistance and at the same time dispersing body heat.

Very few jerseys on the market offer DualTech Fabric utilizing AIRX Side Paneling designed to release body heat during strenuous activity. By regulating body heat during activity, you are able to perform better for longer.

As every country has its own sizes and charts, we have developed a global size chart for all countries that are shown in both metric and imperial measurements.


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