Planett XPANT Ride Pant
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Planett XPANT laser cut holes

AV8 Race Pant (Black)

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The quest for the perfect race pant continues....


For too long, the BMX and MTB industry has been content with ride gear that are nothing more than an adaption of the motocross garments. If you look at the current Ride pants on the market and you will see distinct similarities with MX Pants, the patterns, the rubber badges, the calf leather patches and so on... We have always said that we want to build the World’s best Ride Pant, Ride Gloves and Ride Jersey for Racing.. and after 2 years of development and testing, we give you the all new XFIT by Planett.

We believe that the all new XPANT, XGLOVE & XJERSEY are the next step in the evolution of a ride gear being purposely built for its own sport and not merely copying the motocross industry.



We have added a brand new fabric that is not only lighter and stronger, it is stretchier than anything before it. This stretch fabric is not 2-Way Stretch as found in most fabrics, this is a 4-Way Stretch was originally designed and engineered in one of the world’s biggest fabric development companies.

The two greatest stress points on a race pant is always the bum and knee. By incorporating this strong stretch 90/10 XWeave fabric into all new 2020 XPANT, we feel that it is second to none!

To ensure that this extraordinary pant suits most teams and clubs with the design of their jersey, we have added a dark grey Planett logo on the lower right leg only.


Extremely Light Extremely Tough Planett Race XPant.

Purpose built for extreme sports, this pant has been built for speed, comfort and to be one of the lightest yet toughest pant on the market. These pants have a slim fit design to create the most aerodynamic fit possible.



  • STRENGTH MAXIMIZED. The XPant fabric is around 35% stronger. This means more protection for when the toosh hits the turf..

  • DECREASED WEIGHT. The XPant is lighter in total in comparison to our last pant and most pants on the market. It amazes us how elites will spend thousands on a bike to make them lighter but then turn up to the Olympics wearing Motocross Pants with leather calf patches! WT!
  • SECOND SKIN DESIGN. The XPant has been designed with a tapered leg for the slim fit shape. This new design provides less wind resistance during racing to aid in faster times.
  • LASER CUT COMFORT. The XPant has purposely positioned laser cut holes in to the groin area to prevent body temperature increase which leads to performance decrease.. 
  • BIO-MOTION STRETCH. The XPant has been race engineered to provide BIO-MOTION Stretch during racing. When your body expands as you hit the jumps, this pant expands with you which greatly reduces restriction of movement, limits decrease in speed and greatly increases comfort... 
  • WOVEN ANKLE CUFF. The XPant has replaced the stock standard "flappy ankles" that everyone uses with the woven band to prevent the pant slipping up and wind drag... 
  • KNEE STRETCH PANEL. The XPant has a perfectly placed stretch fabric just above each knee to provide greater freedom during full range of actions when racing...  


 Do not buy motocross pants if you are not racing motocross! We have deliberately taken out everything that is not needed. Leather calf shields… gone! Baggy legs… gone! Heavy weight fabric… gone! Rubber logos to add weight and drag… gone! This is a racing pant not a motocross pant.


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